As you know Home Go Furniture is a company that is devoted to creating custom furniture of the highest quality. Our vision is to lead the furniture industry into the future and become the reference point for innovation, creativity, and artificial intelligence experience.

Our aim is to partner with companies, brands, and shops that share the same sentiment about helping ordinary citizens save money on quality products. After all, quality does not have to be expensive.

Each partner will receive one or two pull-up banners about 2050mm x 835mm with a simple message. It might say something like, “Buy here and save up to 20% off your next home improvement project with Home Go Furniture.” (The message of course will be customized depending on your brand and C.I).


It’s Easy

Membership in the program is free (mahala) and you don't have to do any hustle.

Grow your Brand

Get to grow your brand by partnering with the fastest-growing furniture company in South Africa.

Expand your audience

Let's turn our current audience into your potential clients.

Help people save Money

Help save your clients up to 20% off their home improvements when you offer them your services.


Yes, Home Go IS NOT charging anything to join the programme.

The programme is open to any legal business, brand, company or organization that is registered and recognized by the government of South Africa. any business that wants to join the programme must at least meet the following criteria:

1. Produce proof of having a good in-store traffic of people usually from the ages of 25 – 65.

2.The business must currently be in Gauteng

3.The business should be registered, recognized and abide by the law of the South African government.

By partnering with us, you will be helping people save. Covid-19 has affected everyone. You can help your clients save up to 20% on their home improvements.

We can also offer your vouchers to all our customers who buy from us, thereby creating a new client base for your brand.

Research shows that people will most likely visit a place that offers more than what they initially wanted. This is an opportunity for your brand to attract new audience and offer more than what your offer.

We rank in the top 5 and compete with major furniture brands according to the Facebook reach stats. Our marketing team will help market your brand.

We will designate a place for your flyers in our stores, that way our clients might turn into your clients as well.

We make joining the programme easy. First, make sure your company is eligible, then send us an overview of your business and your company registration details to matthew@homego.co.za. As soon as your application is approved, we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

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